At BrewSec we offer a wide variety of services that caters for all your cybersecurity needs. We help you grow securely.

Proactive Services

DDoS Protection

Distributed Denial of Service can wreak havoc for businesses. It can cause huge monetary and reputational loss. We at BrewSec, implement high security standards to protect your application or server from DDoS attacks.

Defacing Protection

Defacing attacks can change your website visually and thus not being able to use the functionalities of the website. We help you find gaps in websites and protect your website from defacing attacks.

Phishing Simulation

The very first big hit on an organisation start from employees clicking on phishing emails or websites. We train your employees and then simulate phishing emails to identify the potential targets and re-train them.

Ransomware Prevention

Ransomware attacks can cause humongous loss for your enterprise. We help you define policies and strategies to prevent ransmoware attacks.


DevSecOps is all about integrating security in the development cycle itself so as to reduce number of the security issues. We integrate security practices into your DevOps process.

SOC Monitoring

Security Operation Center is used for monitoring and analyzing an organization's security status 24x7 basis. We provide SOC as a service for companies to ensure they are protected .

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment helps in identifying all the security gaps in your organisation. We assess vulnerabilities for different areas such as Web apps, Mobile apps, IoT devices and many more.

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing exploit bugs in your applcation, infrastructure or devices and gives a report on what extent of damage can be done from those bugs. We provide a pentest report with ways to fix the identified bugs.


Security Training is very essential for an organisation. Educating all employees on security is the foundation for a better security as a single person's mistake can leade to huge cyber attacks. We train different employees on different levels according to their job roles.

Web Apps

Mobile Apps

Standalone Apps




Reactive Services

Malware Removal

Malware attacks can cause serious monetary damage to company if undetected or not completely removed after detection. We strive to remove malwares from all the endpoints in your organisation thus minimising the impact of the attack.

Incident Response

After a cyber attack it is very critical to respond immediately to prevent further damage from the attack and to know more about the origin of the attack. We will send an Incident Response team to assess the damages and minimize the impact.

Disaster Recovery

A targeted attack on an organization can ensure that all files are deleted and thus impacting the business. We help you to recover all the deleted and affected files.

Regulation and Compliance


Fulfill Bank Negara of Malaysia security compliances.


Fulfill Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.


Fulfill Sarbanes–Oxley security compliances.

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